Food is Meant to be a Joyful Part of Your Life



This is a big one. Being on the Medical Medium protocol is about HEALING and not about being on a diet. This is a hard concept for many to accept. They think because I eat “weird” and “different,” that I’m on a DIET and they don’t understand why they can’t see any “results.” I’m not on a diet at all, and all my results are happening from the inside out. I can feel them. That’s what matters. Since I started my healing journey, I’ve changed WHAT I eat tremendously, but it’s not about losing weight (that will come). It’s not about depriving myself of “treats” (I don’t miss them). It is 100% about clearing my body of toxins and pathogens. I no longer care about the “looks” I get from eating a MEAL of fruits and veggies (because others think I’m eating TOO much, I’m surely blowing my diet). I know what is really happening on a cellular level and that’s the only thing that really matters. Besides, all the weird and different things I eat are natural, joyful, delicious, healing, and definitely the best I’ve ever eaten in my life.

My 12 year old daughter has recently started her own healing journey, but she doesn’t yet have enough life experience to cope with all the questions and criticisms that she gets from eating healthy. “Why are you on a diet? That’s stupid! Where do you get your protein? You don’t get to eat anything good!” She’s doing ok, but it is hard to explain to those who don’t understand, and even harder at that age to understand something that’s a completely new concept compared to the standard American diet that is all they know. We’re working on words that she can use to explain, that won’t cause any more confusion or criticism, but it’s still a fine line to walk. All I can hope is that I can be a good role model and lead better example. ❤️❤️❤️