Making Healing Easier

WE Blend Passion and Quality TO MAKE Healing SIMPLE


Spirit Healing Tea makes Healing Easier

We know how hard it can be to take care of yourself when your way of life is busy, and how it can be even more difficult if you’re suffering from an illness. In Anthony William’s best selling Medical Medium books, he has provided formulas for natural healing tea remedies, but they’re not always convenient to gather and assemble, especially when your energy and vitality is low. Spirit Healing Tea was founded to make your healing journey easier, so you can experience life’s most precious moments sooner. With our pre-blended detox and healing teas, you can simplify your health regimen with peace of mind, knowing that you’re helping to strengthen your body’s natural healing abilities with only the purest, highest quality organic and/or wild harvested ingredients.


High Quality Ingredients

Spirit Healing Tea is dedicated to sourcing only the highest quality organic and/or wild harvested, non-GMO ingredients. We procure healthy botanicals from recommended suppliers who share the same dedication and are committed to the health of their customers. Loose leaves, herbs, fruits, flowers, and sea greens are hand-blended with your health and well being in mind.


No Preservatives or Additives

Spirit Healing Teas contain only wholesome ingredients that are 100% natural and pure. We never add or treat ingredients with additives, preservatives, fillers, or sweeteners. We only source the very best botanicals so you can trust them to make healing simple.