Healing Meditation by "Medical Medium"


One of my absolute favorite things about living in the Pacific Northwest is the gorgeous green trees.🌲 I’ve always felt at peace when surrounded by trees, like they have a special ‘knowing’ that they are willing to freely share along with their tranquil energy. This grounding meditation from Anthony William’s first book is SO powerful it takes trees to a whole new level....

Surrounded by Trees, from the book Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal:

"To get the most out of nature, it’s not enough just to go for a hike. For the most healing effect, here’s what you have to do: when you first enter a wooded area, whether a city park or your own property, call upon the Angel of Trees. Then take a moment to acknowledge the peaceful environment, especially all the trees that rise up around you. Turn your mind to their root systems. Think about the minerals and water they’re drawing from deep within the earth, up through their trunks, up through their branches. As you let yourself feel surrounded by this deep earth energy, envision roots growing out of your feet and into the Earthly Mother’s soil. When you intuitively feel it’s time to end this glorious grounding experience, imagine that you’re leaving roots protected and preserved in the earth as you break free and walk away. These roots remain a part of you. Wherever you are, transcending all time and space, you can draw healing energy from their spot in the ground. This is the most powerful grounding treatment available. It will fortify every aspect of your being. It will reinforce your will to survive, invigorate your spirit to receive positivity and ward off negativity, and create a strengthening frequency for body and soul. It will prepare you to free yourself from fear and live life at its best."

Have you tried this meditation? If so please share your experiences below!

Love and Light — Spirit Healing Tea